Yes On Issue 2

Yes On Issue 2

Ohioans from across the state are fighting back against greedy drug companies, their ruthless CEOs, and special interests who created a rigged system that is hurting Ohioans. Together we’ll say YES on Issue 2 and pass the Ohio Drug Price Relief Act. It’s a YES to saving Ohio taxpayers millions of dollars to fund our communities schools, and first responders while improving healthcare.

The stories of everyday Ohioans fighting for YES on Issue 2



Every day, more Ohioans are sharing why they’re saying YES on Issue 2 and fighting greedy drug companies.


Senator Sanders says “Vote Yes on Issue Two” “Ohioans have the opportunity this year to take on the greed of the drug companies and significantly lower the cost of prescription drugs. Corporate greed has no place in the health and wellness of you and your family,”

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