How Your Smartphone is Impacting Your Health

How Your Smartphone is Impacting Your Health

Here’s How Your Phone Is Transforming Your Health

This holiday season, there's a lot of choices that can be made when it comes to selecting technology that can impact your health. Wearable devices are the rage and have been for several years now. The technology is getting better and better. You have to wonder if the Fitbit is the modern day equivalent of the Garmin.

With the Apple iWatch and Samsung Gear, these smartwatches give you the potential to download and sync to your smartphone. Giving you some freedom and flexibility on your next walk or run. The downside is that if you set either one of these devices up for calls and emails, you tend to take your work with you.


That all said, smartphone apps give you some really awesome options for tracking your steps, what you eat, how you sleep and much more. There are reminder apps by both healthcare insurance providers and healthcare organizations. These apps help with reminders from everything from appointments to meds.

The future of wearables, in my own opinion are when we can have pro-active monitoring. When either your phone or watch can tell you that you a heart attack or stroke could be eminent, this would be an amazing. Be sure to check out this article and keep R. Kashmiry & Associates, Inc. in mind for all your healthcare benefit needs.

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